Thursday, April 20, 2017

So Happy It's Thursday

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to have to stand by as your autistic child or, in our case, grandchild, has a major meltdown. It was my fault, in a way, especially knowing how important it is for there to be structure and nothing to disrupt that. What happened? We ran out of milk.

Yes. We ran out of milk, and that brought on a 40 minute mega-meltdown. At 6;30 a.m., with two others to manage, as well, there was nothing we could do to rectify the situation. So, after listening to him for about 10 of those horrible minutes, I broke down. I was so consumed with overwhelming helplessness.

There is no reasoning with a child with autism while in the midst of a meltdown. The episode must just run its course. So, with my heart in pieces, I sat and wept...for his pain and inability to just snap out of it. There was no listening to options for breakfast; he simply could not let go of the fact we had no milk.

The resolution was that he finally took his medication for the morning, and in a matter of minutes, he calmly dumped orange juice on his cereal, and ate it. He left for school, happy and carefree. It's mind-boggling.

There is so much out there about autism awareness, but no one shares the agony of witnessing behavior you can't "fix".  It's a little embarrassing to admit that I'm so relieved to know their parents will be home from their trip today.

I'm still recovering from the beginning of the morning by scrubbing my kitchen floor, washing a load of the Grands' clothing, and running after a very busy toddler. Cleaning is how I deal with stressful situations. My home will look amazing by the end of the day.

I'll also be making a trip to the store for milk.