Saturday, March 11, 2017

Progress Report

I am doing my best to document the progress of our old truck's makeover. Having her raised up on the hoist makes working and repairing underneath so much easier.

All the black you see is undercoating, applied with a brush. It's purpose is to seal the metal in order to discourage rusting.

As you can see, there is a lot of rust to be ground, or cut, away.  The piece in front of the door, where the worst of the decay is, will be completely replaced.

Randy is also undercoating the inside of both bumpers and the fenders.

Here is a sneak peek of the color he chose for her, but also to show an adjustment he made to the original design. He moved the battery from its standard place behind the seat inside, to under the hood. Randy feels this is a safer, and more convenient place for it to be installed.

A patch of the original blue on the back of the cab.

This is the passenger side, with the rusted panel already removed. Randy also had to fabricate and install a frame mount on both sides, to keep the cab solidly attached to the chassis.

One of the new pieces installed.

One of the doors, the hood, and fenders.

The old girl is getting some major surgery by Doc Randy to make her solid before she's pretty again.

As soon as the doors are aligned to our painter's specifications, and all the undercoating finished, she'll be moved for her coat of primer, then the finish coat of red. There is still some tweeking to be done on the frame, but I'll keep you updated!